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8 Hr Offshore Fishing Trips

Up to 30 miles – 4 Anglers – $1,200

8 Hours of Gulf Coast Fury: Unleash Your Inner Sea Monster!

Are you ready for an epic 8-hour deep sea fishing battle? Dive headfirst into the teeming waters of the Gulf of Mexico on a charter designed to challenge seasoned anglers and ignite the fire in any adventurer’s soul. This isn’t just fishing, it’s an aquatic showdown with the Gulf’s most prized warriors:

  • Grouper Grandeur: Wrestle with the bruisers of the deep! Go toe-to-toe with the Gulfs best bottom fish, the Grouper. You’ll test your strength and endurance against these underwater titans.
  • Snapper Smackdown: Rain down on a smorgasbord of delicious Snapper! Red, Mangrove, Lane, Yellowtail – the fight is on for these colorful speedsters, each bite a burst of flavor and excitement.
  • Amberjack Ambush: Prepare for a fight. These powerful fish fight, and pull with heart-stopping intensity, turning your reel into a screaming symphony. They’re nicknamed the “reef donkey” for a reason.
  • Shark Showdown: Are you brave enough? Face the apex predators of the Gulf! You never know when we’ll catch Blacktip, Bull, or even Hammerhead sharks for an unforgettable encounter (catch and release only).
  • And More!: The Gulf’s bounty is endless! Cobia, Mahi-Mahi, Triggerfish – the possibilities are endless, each catch a unique challenge and a delicious reward.

This 8-hour adventure isn’t for the faint of heart:

  • Experienced Captain & Crew: Our seasoned guides know where the big ones lurk and how to get them hooked. They’ll coach you, answer your questions, and ensure your safety throughout the journey.
  • Top-Notch Gear: We provide everything you need – rods, reels, tackle, bait, and licenses – so you can focus on the battle, not the logistics.
  • Fueling the Fight: We’ll provide plenty of water but be sure to bring snacks to relax between battles.
  • Memories for a Lifetime: Capture your victories with photos and videos, boasting rights secured!

This charter is perfect for:

  • Hardcore Anglers: Test your skills against the Gulf’s toughest fighters. This is your chance to conquer the underwater realm and brag about it for years to come.
  • Adventurous Groups: Bond with friends and family over shared challenges and triumphs. Create an unforgettable story you’ll retell around campfires for years.
  • Bucket List Seekers: Experience the thrill of battling apex predators in their natural habitat. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the truly adventurous.

Don’t wait! Book your 8-hour Gulf Coast fishing adventure today and prepare for an epic battleground of unforgettable memories. The price is $1,200, which includes fishing licenses, fishing rods and reels, and bait.

P.S. We offer flexible options to cater to your preferences. Choose from specific target fish, exclusive shark encounters, or a mix of it all. Contact us to craft your ultimate fishing expedition!


Up to 4 Anglers

If you’re an experienced angler looking for a unique and exciting fishing experience, look no further than our 8-hour offshore fishing charter. This trip will take you up to 30 miles offshore where we’ll fish reefs, ledges, and wrecks for a variety of species, including Grouper, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Hogfish, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, and Spanish Mackerel.

What to Expect on a 8-Hour Offshore Fishing Trip Charter

Your trip will depart from Ft Desoto at 7AM, so be sure to arrive on time to ensure a full day of fishing. Our experienced captain will take you to the best fishing spots, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of species.

Benefits of a 8-Hour Offshore Fishing Charter

One of the biggest benefits of an 8-hour charter is that it allows you to spend the entire day on the water, giving you plenty of time to hunt for the bigger fish. With the extra time, you’ll have a better chance of catching enough fish for dinner that night, or simply enjoy the thrill of catching big fish, taking photos, and releasing them back to the wild.

Tips for a Successful 8-Hour Offshore Fishing Charter

To ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable trip, we recommend bringing your favorite drinks and snacks, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Our boat is equipped with a big cooler that’s always stocked with bottled water.

Book Your Fishing Trip!

If you’re looking for a unique adventure that your family will never forget, book an offshore fishing charter today.

You’re sure to have a great time!